Letters From Jesus | Spiritual Healings

spiritual healings bookIn, “Letters From Jesus – Experiencing the Depth of His Love,”  Deacon Eddie Ensley and Father Angelo Arrando imagine Jesus writing to us about faith, love, spiritual healing and the joys and trials of life.

Calm down. Let your mind stop racing; your head stop spinning. Right now –through these warm messages of love from Jesus.

Dear Friend,

Like you, I lived the life of a human being. I knew joy as you know joy. I ate, drank, and slept as you do. I grew hungry, tired, and anxious. I felt the ordinary needs of the human heart. I was hurt by malice. I yearned for love. I prayed, I laughed, and I wept. My heart widened in the presence of friends, and I was torn within when friends deserted me. Therefore, I know your burdens; I suffer in your losses. I know what it is you need. I love you simply because you are.
Broken, sinful, or alone—you are mine and you belong to me. I feel your joys, laugh in your laughter, and lament with you in the bitter times. I weep with you in your tears. Nevertheless, my love for you is not magic. It cannot do its work unless you trust in my love. My love accepts you without condition. My love accepts you as you are. My love can help you be all you were meant to be.
So, my friend, talk to me. Unburden yourself with me. If you are ruffled by life, I can soothe you. If you are overcome with sin, I can forgive you. If you need to change, I can help you change. Keep your eyes fixed on me. You are not alone.

Your friend,


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Parish Missions

parish mission teamIf one is allowed a second passion in life, Deacon Eddie Ensley would declare his as running parish missions. Together with Deacon Robert Herrmann, Deacon Ensley travels the nation delivering compelling messages to a variety of congregations.

A Deacon Ministries’ parish mission, or parochial mission, draws the whole parish together. It recharges the congregation. Everyone takes time for the truly important things like wonder, mystery and prayer. People reconcile. Faith is awakened. Vocations are discovered. Families are healed. Lives are forever changed. The parish mission will enable the congregation to discover afresh its ultimate calling and meaning. A Parish Mission is a MUST. Why? Because nothing less than miracles can happen! Miracles of the heart!

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